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Robot Assembly Bill of Materials

Let’s take a look at: the list of parts required for the robot assembly the part costs as of 02/2024 where to get these parts

YDLIDAR X3 PRO LDS sensor is now supported

A brief development update - Maker’s Pet robots now work with YDLIDAR X3 PRO laser distance scan sensors.

$15 LiDAR sensor is now supported!

A brief development update - Maker’s Pet robots now work with Xiaomi 1st gen LDS02RR laser distance scan sensors.

Tutorial: pet robot gets a sense of touch!

Loki (200mm), Fido (250mm), and Snoopy (300mm) are getting a sense of touch - for petting!

Snoopy maps, navigates in real-time - tutorial included

Watch Snoopy the pet robot map the house and navigate around the house using the newly-created map. This is a fraction of what your robot will be able to do....

Tutorial: overmold your 3D-printed parts with soft urethane rubber

Here is how I made rubberized rollers for my omniwheel home robot. I’ve tried three or more overmolding techniques and concluded that applying urethane rubber overmolding to omni-wheel rollers has...