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Tutorial: pet robot gets a sense of touch!

Loki (200mm), Fido (250mm), and Snoopy (300mm) are getting a sense of touch - for petting!

Snoopy maps, navigates in real-time - tutorial included

Watch Snoopy the pet robot map the house and navigate around the house using the newly-created map. This is a fraction of what your robot will be able to do....

Tutorial: overmold your 3D-printed parts with soft urethane rubber

Here is how I made rubberized rollers for my omniwheel home robot. I’ve tried three or more overmolding techniques and concluded that applying urethane rubber overmolding to omni-wheel rollers has...

Snoopy plays ball, hides, self-drives in VR sim

Watch Snoopy-the-pet-robot self-drive around a simulated living room, hide under the table (as in hide-and-seek), play ball and “prompt” humans to play. I sped up the videos 4x.

The Network Architecture

Here is the current network connections architecture for platform.

Snoopy BoM Cost Breakdown

Snoopy’s hardware BoM (bill of materials) adds up to around $200. Here is the minimum BoM breakdown!