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Snoopy plays ball, hides, self-drives in VR sim

Watch Snoopy-the-pet-robot self-drive around a simulated living room, hide under the table (as in hide-and-seek), play ball and “prompt” humans to play. I sped up the videos 4x.

The Network Architecture

Here is the current network connections architecture for platform.

Snoopy BoM Cost Breakdown

Snoopy’s hardware BoM (bill of materials) adds up to around $200. Here is the minimum BoM breakdown!

3D-printable omni-wheel

This is a 12-roller robot 3D-printed DIY omni-wheel - a part of Kiddo companion robot. This open-source design incudes 3MF, STL, STEP and SolidWorks files.

Meet Kiddo companion omni-wheeled robot!

Meet Kiddo - an open-source DIY 3D-printable home companion robot!

How to scrape 3D-printed plastic off the build surface properly

If you are reading this post, chances are you have some trouble scraping plastic - of even removing entire 3D-printed parts - off the build surface.