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Meet Snoopy the pet robot!

Meet Snoopy the pet robot!

Meet Snoopy, an open-source pet robot! Snoopy is a 300mm, round-base, mid-size DIY 3D-printable indoor pet robot compatible with software platform.

Snoopy was designed in Fusion 360 in 05/2023 and printed using a Voron 2.4r2 350mm.

Once finished, Snoopy will act as a pet - look cute, play ball, hide-and-seek and chase, demand its owners’ attention and greet its owners happily at the door. To get a feel of what Maker’s Pet robots will do, watch Snoopy (in a simulation)

Utility functions will include patrolling the house.

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  • A 300mm round base.
  • 3D-printable and moddable:
    • Requires a 300x300mm or larger build volume.
  • 2 bumpers, 4 bumper sensors, 5 cliff sensors.
  • A smartphone or a 7” tablet acts as as a head display.
  • ESP32 micro-controller.
  • Arduino firmware
  • Room mapping using a 360-degree laser distance sensor (ROS2-based).
  • Fully autonomous indoor navigation (ROS2-based).
  • software platform compatible:
    • Off-the-shelf character and skills (work-in-progress)
    • Design-and-code a custom character (work-in-progress)
    • Design-and-code custom skills (work-in-progress)
Maker''s Pet Snoopy 3D-printed and assembled without bumpers Maker''s Pet Snoopy 3D-printed and assembled with bumpers

DIY Hardware Build

  • 3D printing:
  • Instructions here
  • STL files here
  • 3MF files here
  • Fusion 360 source files here

DIY Electronics

  • KiCAD schematic here
    • PDF schematic here
  • Electronics BOM here

Software Setup

Maker''s Pet Snoopy's head being 3D-printed on a Voron 2.4 350mm Maker''s Pet Snoopy's head completed 3D-print

Develop and Mod

  • PC setup for developers
  • ROS2 robot description package
    • config here
    • instructions and robot model here
  • Firmware mod instructions here
  • TODO
Maker''s Pet Snoopy robot in Fusion 360 Maker''s Pet Snoopy robot in Fusion 360 - bottom view

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