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Snoopy BoM Cost Breakdown

Snoopy BoM Cost Breakdown

Snoopy’s hardware BoM (bill of materials) adds up to around $200. Here is the minimum BoM breakdown!

Let’s add up part costs as of 09/2023. You can get these parts, for example, on Amazon or AliExpress.

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Part Quantity Approx. Cost per Unit
ESP32 ESP-WROOM-32 1 $5
Voltage regulator module 1 $5
Battery with cable 1 $50
Laser scanner YDLIDAR X4 with cable 1 $80
Resistors 0603 4 $0.10
Connectors 4 $0.50
Motor CHR-GM25-BLDC2418 with cable 2 $11
65mm tire with shaft adapter 2 $4
Breakout PCB 1 $4
PETG or PLA filament, 1Kg 1 $20
Bring-your-own smartphone 1 $0
Bring-your-own local PC 1 $0
Bring-your-own 3D printer 1 $0
Parts and supplies total   $199.60

Please note:

  • The motors are BLDC (brushless), rated at 2.5W.
  • Each motor includes a built-in encoder and a built-in BLDC controller.
  • Snoopy is designed to accomodate 5 cliff and 4 bumper optional sensors. These sensors cost around $1 each.

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