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Voron 2.4 webcam mount for common webcams

I use this mount for my Voron 2.4. This mount fits many common webcams - specifically, those webcams that have a horizontal tube-like hole in the back.

Voron 2.4 'Crash-Free' Nozzle Brush

When searching for a Voron 2.4 nozzle brush mod I noticed that the available mods stick up from the bed high enough to interfere with the extruder’s movement - when...

Get a serial number for your Voron 3D printer

Now that you have assembled your Voron printer, did you know that you can get a serial number from Voron Design for your 3D printer? I’ve gotten mine: V2.5212.

Voron 2.4 top-hat mod

Voron 2.4 print volume height comes up short of the advertised 350mm (or 300mm, 250mm) - quite a bit - especially when using the StealthBurner extruder and/or PTFE filament tubing....