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Meet Kiddo companion omni-wheeled robot!

Meet Kiddo companion omni-wheeled robot!

Meet Kiddo - an open-source DIY 3D-printable home companion robot!

Kiddo comes with an omni-wheel base and an extendable mast. Note that the rubber-coated rollers are also DIY.

Kiddo was designed in Solidworks in 2020-2021 and printed using a Prusa MK3S and a Caribou 420 (a Prusa MK3S modded to increase its print volume height to 420mm).

Solidworks design files are available here.

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This is an early design that aimed to achieve superior agility. Its height was selected to match that of a 6-7 year-old child.

We placed this design on hold for now because it comes with extra complexity and cost, especially when building it DIY.

Kiddo companion robot - omni-wheel halves Kiddo companion robot - Raspberry Pi 4B fan


  • A 3-wheel omni-wheel base, fits a 450mm diameter circle.
  • Extendable mast
  • 3D-printable and moddable:
    • Requires a 250mm x 210m x 420mm (height) build volume
  • Raspberry Pi 4B.
  • ESP32 micro-controller.
  • Microphone array.
  • Arduino firmware, ROS1-based.
  • Room mapping using a 360-degree laser distance sensor (ROS1-based).
  • Fully autonomous indoor navigation (ROS1-based).
Kiddo companion robot - base front electronics Kiddo companion robot - base rear electronics

Please find all files in this Maker’s Pet GitHub repository available for download.

Happy 3D printing!

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