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Kickstarter Launch for Maker's Pet Mini

Kickstarter Launch for Maker's Pet Mini

We will be launching Maker’s Pet Mini on Kickstarter - sometime in July 2024!

Loki’s little brother, Maker’s Pet Mini is a 120mm Arduino educational robot that maps rooms and navigates autonomously using a LiDAR and the widely-popular ROS2 robotics software.

Arduino-based Robot with LiDAR

Accompanied by our abundant beginner-friendly step-by-step instruction videos, the Mini robot will take robotic students on an exciting, yet easy-to-follow, journey of learning the basics of Arduino and professional-grade robotics (ROS2).

Specifically, you will be able to do these activities:

  • assemble (if purchased as kit), setup and bringup of Maker’s Pet Mini Arduino robot
  • create a map your place (room, house or appartment) using Maker’s Pet Mini LiDAR sensor by driving the robot around
  • make the Mini navigate completely automatically - while avoiding obstacles - around your place using the newly created map
    • using robotics graphics software (ROS2 RVIZ) you will specify the location - in your room(s) - where you want your Mini to go
    • your Mini will automatically compute a path and drive to the location specified
    • you can send Mini to another room and Mini will follow the map accordingly
    • you will troubleshoot issues, if any, where Mini fails to reach its destination
  • learn and practice LiDAR sensing
  • run Mini in 3D real-time simulation (Gazebo)

Room mapping with LiDAR illustration

We have crafted Maker’s Pet Mini to be incredibly affordable - for all Arduino fans, robotics students and makers🌎. Mini’s design was guided by user feedback that we have received for our Maker’s Pet Loki 200mm model.

Maker’s Pet Mini will be available as open source:

We hope Maker’s Pet Mini will be a great starter robot kit for teaching and learning both Arduino and robotics, including ROS2.


Maker’s Pet Mini will come with

Product Configurations

Maker’s Pet Mini will come in these configurations

  • a fully-assembled Mini robot
    • You will need to provide 4 AA batteries (not included).
  • a Mini robot kit
    • You will need to assemble the kit yourself. The assembly process is easy and requires only some screwdrivers.
    • No soldering is required.
    • You will need to provide 4 AA batteries (not included).
  • board only
    • You will provide your own components.

The fully-assembled and kit products will include:

  • 1x Maker’s Pet Mini board
  • 1x LiDAR sensor (model TBD)
  • 1x ESP32 module
  • 2x 42mm wheels, 3mm D-shaft
  • 2x N20 motors with encoder (RPM TBD)
  • plastic components including
    • mounts for motor, LiDAR, battery, caster
    • caster
    • enclosure
  • 4 AA battery holder and cable
  • ultrasonic distance sensor US-100 (TBD possibly as reward) with a spacer connector
  • screws for DIY assembly (kit only)

The board-only option can save you some money if you already have the necessary components listed below. Usually, these components can be purchased easily online:

  • motors (N20 with encoder)
  • wheels (42mm diameter)
  • ESP32 (DEVKIT v1 or compatible)
  • LiDAR
  • 4 AA battery holder
  • (optional) ultrasound range sensor (US-100 recommended)

Maker's Pet Mini board

You will also need to 3D print these plastic components:

  • motor/LiDAR mounts
  • caster and its mounts
  • battery mount
  • (optional) front bumper and enclosure

PC Requirements

You will need the following equipment in order to use Maker’s Pet Mini:

  • A PC computer
    • Windows PC or Linux PC (laptop/notebook or desktop)
    • 4GB RAM minimum
    • 20GB disk space minimum
    • a display, full HD resolution or higher recommended
    • WiFi
    • internet access to download software
  • Strong Wifi
    • your WiFi must provide 2.4GHz connection
    • your WiFi signal must strong wherever your robot goes
    • your WiFi must not be “busy” transmitting data while your robot operates


When you purchase a Maker’s Pet Mini, you can reuse its LiDAR sensor with Maker’s Pet larger-size robots - while saving you some money. Maker’s Pet larger robots bring additional capabilities including color camera, sound, animated face display and so on.


Maker’s Pet robots run on KAIA.AI robot software platform. In 2025 KAIA.AI plans to release its newest software that will enable Maker’s Pet robots (including the Mini) to act as pets. Once the KAIA.AI software upgrade comes out, let your Mini pet

  • delight you as it plays with toys or hide-and-seek
  • help you by patrolling your place

Accompanied with abundant step-by-step video tutorials, you will be able to code and publish new robot skills, behaviors, and learn and make use of latest AI.

ROS2 Compatibility

Maker’s Pet Mini is a ROS2 compatible robot based on Micro-ROS.


We would like to thank the ROS community - including ROS2 Navigation and microROS teams - for developing the wonderful, widely-popular robotics software and making it available as open-source.

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