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Voron 2.4 'Crash-Free' Nozzle Brush

Voron 2.4 'Crash-Free' Nozzle Brush

When searching for a Voron 2.4 nozzle brush mod I noticed that the available mods stick up from the bed high enough to interfere with the extruder’s movement - when the extruder moves at the very back of the bed, including knocking the Klicky/Euclid probe off the extruder.

This nozzle brush sits almost flush with bed - so the extruder never crashes into the brush.

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Unlike other nozzle brush mods, this one does not have a bucket. I decided to omit the bucket because the bucket tends to take up too much space that may be needed for other mods - and because under normal conditions there is hardly any plastic brushed from the nozzle anyway.

Build Instructions

  • Use two M3 screws with 2020 extrusion M3 nuts to mount the nozzle holder as shown.
  • Align the brush to be almost flush with the bed, so the nozzle does get scrubbed, but the extruder body doesn’t touch the brush - even at Z height of zero.
  • The brush itself is made by taking a regular nozzle brush - e.g., search Amazon for “3D printer brush” - and cutting off the brush head to match the size of the holder.

A Voron 2.4 with the "crash-free" nozzle brush mod

Nozzle brush - view from the back Nozzle brush - placement relative to the Euclid probe

Please find all files in this Maker’s Pet GitHub repository available for download.

Happy 3D printing!

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