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Get a serial number for your Voron 3D printer

Get a serial number for your Voron 3D printer

Now that you have assembled your Voron printer, did you know that you can get a serial number from Voron Design for your 3D printer? I’ve gotten mine: V2.5212.

Here is how you can request and obtain your serial number:

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  • Head over to VoronCoreXY Reddit. This Reddit’s sole purpose is to submit serial number requests. This Reddit is not for discussion or Q&A of any kind.
  • Read the Reddit’s pinned announcements - they contain instructions on how to obtain a serial number.
  • As of 08-2023, in order to obtain a serial number for your Voron 3D printer, you must do the following:
    • Record a video of your Voron 3D printer in action, printing something.
    • Create a Reddit post with a title like “Serial Request: "
    • Include the video in your Reddit post.
    • Set your Post Flair to “Serial Request”.
  • Important: per the Reddit instructions, the video of your Voron 3D printer must contain a post-it note with the information below.
  • Also, write down your Discord handle and date your post-it note.

Your video “MUST contain a piece of paper with your reddit username and the date HANDWRITTEN and CLEARLY VISIBLE and the characters must be LEGIBLE. To help ensure no one is thieving your content, maybe go the extra mile and crumple up your paper a bit and flatten it back out before filming.”

Here is an example of how your video should look like:

After a few days, assuming you have followed the submission instructions correctly, you should receive a message on Discord containing your very own Voron 3D printer serial number and two serial number STL files - one with the Voron Design logo and one without.

While you are at it, I recommend browsing the VoronCoreXY Reddit to see Voron 3D printers built by other fellow Voron-ians.

A Voron serial number STL with a Voron logo A Voron serial number STL without logo

Happy 3D printing!

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